10 things to do with Kids in Phuket

Are you thinking of spending some time in Phuket with your little ones? You should not worry much about what will fill the youngsters’ time during your stay. This is because there are many exciting things you can do with them, their ages notwithstanding. The following are the top 10 of those things:

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Take them to ride elephants

Thai Elephant

Thai Elephant In The Forest

You will admit that animals thrill kids. The experience can never be better than when they sit on the back of the largest land mammal, the Elephant.

Apart from riding on these creatures through the natural woodland of Siam Safari elephant camp in the Chalong highlands, the kids will also meet the calves and see how they are trained.

To make the deal even better, the package for this tour may include transportation from your hotel and back. However, it is important to book early, which you can always do online.

Siam Safari 1
Siam Safari Phuket

Take them to Phuket Aquarium

Phuket Aquarium
Aquarium in Phuket

In this facility, the kids will come as close to marine life as they've never imagined.

The marine species are contained in 30 enormous glass tanks. One glass tank has a tunnel through which the kids can walk for a good vantage.

Any lesson that comes in the form of fun is the best understood and the Phuket Aquarium presents an opportunity for memorable, fun-filled and insightful moments for the kids.

Take them Zorbing

Zorbing in Phuket

Zorbing means getting into a 3-meter diameter flexible plastic ball and rolling downhill. Hardly any kid will not find that as fun, at least even by just watching others do it. There is nothing that bars you from joining them in the exciting activity.

The most popular venue in Phuket for this activity is one near Lim restaurant at a hill overlooking Kalim beach.

The event takes place every day.

Take them to Splash Jungle Water Park

Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket Thailand
Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket Thailand

Kids love swimming, however, the experience at Splash Jungle Water Park is more than swimming. The park designed to give kids and families, in general, possibilities of fun through different activities around, above and underwater. Kids can travel through a river on floating tubes or drop from aqua tubes into the pools with a splash.

Take them to play golf, yes golf 

For you and for many people, golf is for either business leaders or professional players. However, if you are in Phuket, put that belief aside.

Dino Park golf course along the beach near Kata beach is a normal golf course complete with 18 holes.

Dino Park Golf Coures Phuket Thailand
Dino Park Golf Courses Phuket Thailand

However, there are things that make it different from your normal golf course; the small size, the huge dinosaur statue at each of the holes and the, of course, the ages of the players.

Another outstanding feature of the park is the atmospheric volcanoes that erupt after every 30 minutes.

Playing golf at Dino Park is an adventure your kids will hardly forget.

Take them to cable ski over water

Anthem Wake Park is one water sport scene popular with kids because of the activity packages that it offers.

One of the major exercises that you will catch here is cable skiing. It is perfect, especially for the older kids.

Take them to Phuket Fantasea

The acrobats and elephant out of this world synchronized performances at Phukets Fantasea may turn out to be the best gift you can give to your kids in this island. It is an evening out you will also enjoy beside your little ones. Apart from the performances, you will find the buffet irresistible.

Thai History At Phuket Fantasea
Thai History At Phuket Fantasea

Take them motor racing

If your kids love experimenting with speed, then taking them to the Patong Go-Kart Speedway might just be the perfect thing to do.

They can roar the karts down the lanes as you watch enjoy a mug of coffee at the restaurant located within the facility.

Do not worry that they will exaggerate everything and invite an ugly incident. The karts are designed for the kids with speed limits given for different age groups. In addition, the staff has the right training and experience to guide you and the kids.

Take them scuba diving

How about exploring the depth of waters as a family?

In Phuket, you have an opportunity to make your dream of scuba diving with your kids come true.

However, it is prudent to take some lessons if it is your first time, before plunging the whole family into the sea depths. Fortunately, most scuba diving boats or liveaboards have ready to help instructors.

Phuket scuba Diving
Scuba Diving Phuket

Take them surfing

Finally, Phuket being an island it is not unusual to find places at the coast for surfing. If this is your thing as a family, you can take your kids to one of the surfing locating and let them ride on the sea waves for fun.

With the above 10 possible things you can do with your kids, it is not in doubt that Phuket will not disappoint you as a family destination.

Surfing in Thailand
Surfing in Phuket
Kata Viewpoint Phuket
Phuket Kata Viewpoint

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