Writer. Traveller.

How I travel

I love travelling because it frees the soul.

Either you are busy living, or busy slowly dying – travelling is definately living.

I love to look at the temples – so beautifully built – and wonder about the people who made them. And the people who have sought solace there.

I love to look at the forest covered mountains and wonder what animals make their lives there.  Or what sexy or sordid things the trees may have seen.

I love to look at the sea, feel waves of tranquility wash over me.  And look at the horizon and wonder what's out there.

I love to meet people – many are good and have great stories to tell.

Apart from travelling, I love food – talking of which it's time to eat.

Come travel to the places I've been and enjoy the ride.  it's going to be a bumpy ride!


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