Bake N Brew Pattaya Review – Places for a Good Breakfast in Pattaya

If you are in Pattaya for a few days, often the hotel breakfasts included with your booking package can be rather …… unfulfilling!

But where else to go for a decent breakfast in a place that positively bristles with places to eat and coffee shops on every corner? There are certainly plenty of contenders and competition is good – right? Not necessarily for you!

Bake N Brew Pattaya - Pattaya Breakfasts

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Image of signage at Bake N Brew Pattaya

The explosion of the internet means a search for ‘Pattaya breakfast' yields millions of results, many from TripAdvisor – the first port of call for many – where Bake N Brew features near the top of their listings. But with competition on every corner, it is easy to be lured into places that are not the best of the crop. So is Bake N Brew near the top or bottom of Pattaya's food chain?

We thought we would try it out and report back to you on whether it deserved such a gushing recommendation.

Where is Bake N Brew Pattaya? – Map

Bake n Brew is between Soi Bukhao and Pattaya Third Road and about halfway between South Pattaya Road and Pattaya Klang Road (Central Pattaya Road) which run west away from the beach and up towards Sukhumvit Road.

The complete address is 373/13 Moo 9, Nongprue, Banglamung, Pattaya 20150 but I rarely find knowing addresses much use unless I am mailing. You can call them though on 093 462 6465

It’s not so easy giving directions when we don’t know where you are starting from so please use the map below to help you find the place. You can get directions too from wherever you are.

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What are Bake N Brew’s Opening Hours?

Photo of Opening Hours Sign
Bake N Brew Opening Hours

The café, that is aspiring to be a restaurant, is open from 8 am until 7.30 pm meaning you’ll be good to go before work (if you work locally), or for breakfast, brunch right through to early evening meals away from the hustling and bustle of Pattaya City Centre.

What is Bake N Brew's Breakfast Like?

There are quite a few options for breakfast but we only tried two of them, Breakfast Set 1 (which includes a visit to the bread buffet) and Egg Royale which is an English muffin (halved) topped with smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Bake N Brew Set Breakfast Menu 1
Bake N Brew Pattaya – Set Breakfast 1 Comes with Orange Juice & Tea & Bread Buffet

The set breakfast at 175 baht was not exceptional to look at but tasted pretty good. The sausage and tomato were a little overdone, the ham a little bland but the poached eggs were very nicely done as were the rosti potatoes.

Orange Juice came with the set along with our choice of tea rather than coffee. The orange juice was standard fare and the tea was brewed at the table courtesy of a tea bag dropped in hot water. But it was a Tetley Tea Bag and we all know that…

Tetley, make tea bags, make tea!

And our little Tetley teabag did just that ending up just fine for a breakfast cuppa.

Image of Egg Royale Menu at banke N Brew Pattaya
Delicious and Practically Perfect Eggs Royale

As for the Egg Royale, at 235 baht, it was pretty near to perfect. The muffin was a tiny bit hard but the smoked salmon, perfectly cooked poached eggs, sauce, and caper decoration all added up to that nice creamy, slightly salty, smoked fishy taste expected and the capers just added that final vinegar touch to set the whole taste off.

We also tried out their Matcha Latte for 110 baht plus 20 baht for whipped cream which tasted fine but I nearly always feel these types of drinks a bit overpriced.

Ambiance & Seating

An aspect often overlooked is the general ambiance of a place and the seating and tableware.

Now you are not expecting fine dining in a breakfast café, but often the tables and chairs are cheap and cheerful and a long way from comfortable. Bake N Brew is NOT one of those places.

There is an outside veranda which has nice wide chairs you can sit back and relax in and which are plenty roomy. The tables may not be much special but are much better than I have seen in other places.

Inside, it's clean and well laid out with air conditioning and a nicely appointed side room to expand the seating area.

The staff is accommodating, pleasant and the overall experience was satisfying.

image of a fruit cake at Bake N Brew Cafe Pattaya
A Layered Fruit Sponge Cake – One of a Selection to Go with Coffee

What’s the Bake N Brew Menu Like?

The menu is fairly extensive with a mixture of western food and some Thai dishes on offer. Pricing is competitive to similar venues but obviously much more than street food or the plastic-chaired Thai outdoor eating places they generously still call restaurants.

There is a great selection of cakes, tea, coffee and the normal drinks available and if you are lucky enough to be there when Thai law allows you to have a brew of something more adult – then you can grab a beer here too. That is not the focus of the place though.

Image of delicious cake at Bake N Brew Pattaya
Bake N Brew Coffee Cake – Obviously the Nuts!

Other Considerations

For some people, the location is going to be hard to get to. If you have your own transport then it is no trouble to find thanks to Google. The road is not very busy but still, the raucous throbbing of motorcycles, that seem to have been adapted to make the maximum noise possible, might be annoying. You can always move inside though and it’s cooler anyway!

Aside from that, parking is a little difficult on the road as lumps of concrete, tables, and traffic cones are set up to stop parking for quite a proportion of the available space, probably for street vendors later in the day and for the motorcycle taxi guys.

There is a large open space a few meters up the road and opposite which seems to offer free parking, at least no one came to hustle us for money – a pleasant change from the money-grabbing efforts that are made nearer the beach for the privilege to park.

Image of our breakfast at bake N Brew
Our Quite Delicious Breakfast at Bake N Brew, Pattaya Thailand

Bake N Brew – Value for Money or Not?

Bake N Brew is not so far away from Retox Sports Bar which offers amazing value for breakfast. But value is not all about price.

The quantity of food is less than at certain cheaper joints but the quality is definitely higher and the menu offers a lot more choices.

Not only that but the ambiance is nicer, the chairs more comfortable and the staff at Bake N Brew were very pleasant.

To be honest the 20 baht addition to the Matcha Latte was a bit annoying but there was no service charge on the bill and the prices shown are the prices charged.

Overall we rate the Bake N Brew good overall value and well worth a visit for a relaxing breakfast.

This post is not sponsored in any way and was our own experience of our visit to the restaurant.

If you are looking for a place for brunch or early evening light meal where you can take the kids then check out our review of the Awesome Tea Factory A La Campagne in Jomtien – it is our current favorite!

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