Easy Guide to Lampang: 6 Best Places To Eat

Riverside Restaurant

Don’t miss this one. Riverside, with its deck right on the edge of the Wang River, is the place to go relax in Lampang. From breakfast to dinner, they do Western food, Thai food and every drink you might need to go with it.

From an imported beer and wine for the adults to fresh seasonal smoothies for everyone at the table. Lobster, burgers, savory curries, grilled fish, crispy pork with that special pop of holy basil.

Even sushi and pizza, but thankfully no sushi pizza.

Aroi One Baht Road Frontage Lampang
Aroi One Baht Road Restaurant Frontage

When I saw their little drip coffee slow bar, I realized I probably would never need to leave the breezy deck of this restaurant.

Grab a table and enjoy a good long meal (or a coffee) on the waters of the Wang.

Contact : 328 Thanon Thipchang Tambon Suan Dok, Amphoe Mueang Lampang, Chang Wat Lampang 52100 Tel. 054 221 861

Aroy One Baht

Maehae Restaurant Lampang City
Maehae Restaurant Lampang City

This wooden terrace restaurant has been around for just about forever, or so the locals say. This makes sense, as it’s been a long time since you could buy soft boiled rice or rice for one baht.

The main dishes on the menu are really cheap too but it’s easily worth the pretty modest cost of eating at Aroy One Baht.

Shrimp Salad At Aroy One Baht
Shrimp Salad At Aroy One Baht

You can sit out on their deck and enjoy some of the best Thai food in town – you can still have your dishes over their traditional boiled rice, if you like.

It’s also just outside of the Kad Kong Ta Night Market and a nice spot to just sit and watch the people go by up & down the street in the evenings.

Some of the hits of the menu include the chicken with ground peanut sauce, cauliflower with aged pork, grilled fish with ginger, and the spicy thousand-year egg salad.

Contact : Thanon Thipchang Tambon Suan Dok, Amphoe Mueang Lampang, Chang Wat Lampang 52100 Tel. : 054-219 233

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Maehae Restaurant

Gaeng Hunglay At Maehae In Lampang
Gaeng Hunglay At Maehae In Lampang

For a northern Thai feast, this is the place to go.

Order local delicacies like Gaeng Ho (a mixed curry with noodles but no broth) and Sai Ua – northern Thai sausage with herbs-a-plenty.

Rice comes in cute little traditional baskets and they even have Gaeng Hunglay – a favorite of mine that combines northern Thai and Burmese influences to make a rich, red, gingery pork curry.

You may by now have picked up the fact that the word ‘Gaeng' means Curry in Thai language.

I’ve been told this dish just might be the northern Thai equivalent of the American chilli soup – quintessential comfort food.

Contact : Upparaj Alley, Tambon Suan Dok, Amphoe Mueang Lampang, Chang Wat Lampang 52100 Tel. : 095 198 2365

Butterhead Kitchen And Bake Shop At Lampang
Butterhead Kitchen And Bake Shop At Lampang

Butterhead Kitchen & Bake Shop

Cake at Butterhead Kitchen In Lampang
Cake at Butterhead Kitchen In Lampang

Though it’s a little outside of the center of town, the carefully prepared homestyle Western cooking at Butterhead Kitchen & Bake Shop is worth the walk (or horse carriage ride…).

They’ve got burgers, roasts, chicken wings, salads, quesadillas and even salmon served over quinoa.

Great name for a restaurant, great food, great people – with a little deck over one of the tributaries of the Wang.

Top it off with a little house-made salted caramel ice cream – it doesn’t disappoint.

Contact : 80/2 Monkrating Soi 15, Bo Haew, Mueang Lampang District, Lampang 52100 Tel. : 086 345 8514

At One Restaurant Frontage Lampang
Restaurant Frontage of At One Restaurant

At One

Cheesy Pizza At One In Lampang
Cheesy Pizza At One In Lampang

If you’re a fan of meals or drinks with a view, this one’s a well-kept secret you should put on the list for Lampang.

At One is a little coffee, pizza and drinks spot at the north end of the Talaat Khao Road with a balcony overlooking local life on the street below.

A cute little out-of-the-way vantage point to watch the Kad Kong Ta Night Market playing out from above.

The pizza is tasty and it tastes even better with a view.

Contact : Rural Road Lampang 1019, Amphoe Mueang Lampang, Chang Wat Lampang 52000 Tel : 085 407 4545

An example of the ambience you'll get if you eat at Waengbun
Ambience a-plenty at Waengbun Restaurant

Waengbun Lampang

Waengbun Lampang Dish
Waengbun Lampang Dish

One of the best spots in town for Thai and fusion food.

Waengbun Lampang does delicious lunch and dinner with carefully presented spreads like chicken satay with fresh veggies.

Order one of their refreshing juices and recharge after a day of taking in the town (or take a break in the middle of one!).

As you can see there is plenty of ambience available if you grab a table to eat. Nicely kept gardens and little semi-private eating huts – thai style!

Contact : 96 Suandok Rd, Tambon Phrabat, Amphoe Mueang Lampang, Chang Wat Lampang 52000 Tel : 065 249 8915

The Mae Moh Mine: A Quick Note On What Not To Do in Lampang

The Mae Moh coal mine, among the biggest in Thailand, is sometimes touted as a tourist attraction in Lampang province – there’s a nice little flower garden near a viewpoint that overlooks the mine, and plenty of spots for selfies.

But it may actually be a risky place to visit. Mae Moh is also the site of the largest coal power plant in Thailand.

Between the power plant and the mine, locals have experienced a whole host of health issues – respiratory disease, mostly – and many of them had to ask to be relocated because of the pollution.

It’s worth steering clear of the area just in case.

How to Get to Lampang

By Car or Motorbike

Renting a car or motorbike in Chiang Mai for a trip to Lampang can give you the freedom to see a little more, and the drive is easy.

It’s 1.5 hours to the Lampang city center from Chiang Mai city, almost all on a moderately-sized highway, though a few of the sights worth seeing in Lampang Province lie between the two.

If you’ve got time, you can also stop over in the city of Lamphun on the way over from Chiang Mai.If you’ve got a little extra time and are interested in seeing Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat or Chae Son National Park, another option is to take the beautiful mountain road that passes through Mae Kampong.

By Bus

Buses from Bangkok to Lampang takes 8-9 hours and leave from the Mo Chit terminal. Tickets for comfortable aircon buses cost around 450 baht.Buses from Chiang Mai to Lampang take 1.5 hours and cost 50-100 baht.

They leave from the Arcade bus station, east of the Ping River and across from Central Festival mall.

By Train

Lampang is on the train line from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, about 10-12 hours from Bangkok and 2 hours from Chiang Mai.

Tickets cost anywhere from 500 to 800 baht, one-way, depending on the class and whether you get a sleeper bed or a seat (get a sleeper bed, trust us).

You can book tickets online.

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