Nines Coffee & Dessert Near Chonburi Immigration Jomtien Beach Review

A trip to Chonburi Immigration Jomtien is never top of your bucket list because of the inevitable queues but a local Jomtiem Coffee Shop can help lighten the wait. Grab a queue number and hop out for a quick coffee and maybe a cake in some nicer surroundings at Nines Coffee Shop, Jomtien Second Road.

Chonburi Immigration is a mini magnet for business with a paid car park, visa agents, street vendors, hotel and other restaurants all vying for business from foreigners but until recently missing a dedicated coffee shop with air conditioning.

Photo of the front of Nines Coffee Shop near Jomtien Immigration Chonburi
Front of Nines Coffee Shop on Jomtien Second Road near junction with Soi 5.

Where is Chonburi Immigration?

Chonburi Immigration is very close to Jomtien Beach located up Soi Jomtien 5 which runs between Jomtien Beach Road and Jomtien Second Road but is much nearer to Second Road. It is perhaps the best located Immigration Office in Thailand being only meters from Jomtien Beach just South of Pattaya City!

Close to the junction of Soi 5 and Jomtien Second Road is where you'll find Nines Coffee.

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Where is Nines Coffee Shop in Relation to Jomtien Immigration?

Nines Coffee shop is near the junction of Jomtien Soi 5 and Jomtien Second Road Chonburi Immigration is about 75 meters from the juntion.

If you stand at the junction with Chonburi Immigration behind you, Kiss Food & Drink in front of you and 7-11 to your left, then walk past 7-Eleven about 20 meters to Nines coffee shop which is at the end of the group of shops with 7-Eleven and the steps running in front of the block of shops.

Photo of the Junction of Soi 5 with Jomtien Second Road where you can find Nines Coffee Shop and Chonburi Immigration
Nines Coffee Shop is near near Chonburi Immigration being the junction of Soi 5 & Jomtien Second Road

Getting to Chonburi Immigration & Nines Coffee Jomtien

Chonburi Immigration is in Jomtien, a few kilometers south of Pattaya. Just follow signs to Jomtien Beach and hit the Beach Road.

Head down to Jomtien Beach Road, bearing left at the bottom with the sea on your right. You will see the blue and white soi nameplates and will be looking for the one numbered 5 which is just past an SCB Bank on the left. Immigration is about 300 meters up the soi from the beach end.

If you approach from the North traveling South, then you will probably come along Thappraya Road turning right at the traffic lights where Thappraya Road turns into Jomtien Second Road.

If you miss the turning then carry on a kilometer or so and make a U-Turn and follow the instructions in the next paragraph.

If approaching from the South you should approach along Jomtien Second Road. As you approach the main shopping area in Jomtien keep an eye out for the Blue Immigration sign with 7-11 on the corner of Jomtien Soi 5. Turn left down Jomtien Soi 5 and Immigration is about 100 yards down on the left.

If traveling from the South along the Beach Road then look for the Jomtien Soi 5 nameplate which is near the main town end of beach road about 400 meters from where the main beach road corner where Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel & Resort is located and the road bears right up towards Jomtien Second Road.

Photo of the beach end of Soi 5 where Chonburi Immigration is found
The beach end view of Jomtien Soi 5 leading to Chonburi Immigration

Parking for Nines Coffee and Chonburi Immigration

You can park on either side of the road along Jomtien Soi 5 or on the left-hand side of Second Road near the junction with soi 5 – don't park where the curb is painted red & white.

However, on-street parking is a bit limited, especially along Soi 5 because of the large number of people visiting immigration and also the small post office (Thaipost) near the beach end of soi 5.

If you come along Jomtien Second Road and go past Soi 5 on your left and past the front of Nines Coffee shop, then sometimes there are free spaces on the roadside if you are prepared for a short walk.

Alternatively, there is parking available almost opposite Immigration on some waste ground with a charge of 40 baht per visit. Note that if you exit the car park and come back a little while later then you will have to pay again.

On the plus side, you can park there for as long as you need to complete your visit at Chonburi Immigration and Nines Coffee ship is only a short walk away – about 2 minutes on foot.

Photo of Chef Phasinee taking time out in the relaxing atmosphere at Nines Coffee Shop
Nines Coffee Shop has a nice Ambiance with Classy Decoration and Interesting Decor.

The Ambiance at Nines Coffee Shop

Photo close up of wall decoration at Nines Coffee shop in Jomtien
Some Tastefull Wall Art at Nines Coffee Shop. Nice!

Nines Coffee Shop near Chonburi Immigration is very tastefully decorated with neutral wall colors and plenty of attractive wall art. Free Wifi is available if you want to browse, work or play on your phone or tablet.

There are quite a few interesting ornaments too and the whole place feels airy and spacious.

Inside the area is air-conditioned and cool or if you prefer then you can sit outside where they have a few tables & seats. For me, it is too noisy with the crazy motorcycles that plague Thai streets with their purposely noisy egotistic exhausts and anyway, too hot with the sun.

Ambient music plays which is unobtrusive and calming.

The marble-topped tables are a good size (don't you hate those tiny tables that force you to squeeze everything together?), and there are open as well as armed chairs which are functionally comfortable.

Photo of Wall Decorations at Nines Coffee Shop Jomtien
Wall Art Blends in Nicely with the General Muted Decorations

Service, Pricing & Menu

As you stand in front of the counter there are three TV screens that show the menu as well as a cooled display unit showing their cakes. One of the TV's shows some mouthwatering pictures of the drinks available to get you in the mood.

There is the usual expresso, cappuccino, latte and other coffees, cold or hot as well as a range of smoothies to choose from. If coffee is not your thing and smoothies are a little too sweet, then you can opt for tea instead.

Service is done with a smile and given at the table after ordering which makes a change with hanging around at the end of the counter Starbucks style. Very pleasant!

Photo of drinks menu at Nines Coffee Shop Jomtien
Very Reasonable Prices are Sure to Keep Customers Coming Back

Prices are great because they are very reasonable which is something that cannot be said for most of the restaurants in the immediate vicinity where prices tend to be higher than the norm – not unusual where there are foreigners I suppose.

Cakes are around 45 baht apiece, coffee is 45 or 50 baht hot and an extra 5 baht for iced. Smoothies and frappe are 60 baht and teas are 40 baht hot and again plus 5 baht for cold.

What We Ate

We sat inside as it was so hot outside. You might wonder why the umbrella in the photo. In Asia, umbrellas are duel use, to keep you dry and to stop you from getting black, skin cancer or sunburnt from the blazing sun of the day.

We tried a cappuccino, strawberry smoothie, and a good-sized, beige-colored brownie and admired the decorations as we relaxed.

Photo showing the coffee, smoothie and cake we ate at Nines Coffee Shop
Cappuccino, Smoothie and Brownie Style Cake at Nines Coffee

The coffee was fine, nothing exceptional but for 45 baht a deal. The smoothie was tasty but ask for less cream if you prefer as it is topped off with the ubiquitous whipped cream which always seems overdone in Thailand for some reason.

The beige brownie was a bit of a talking point as the only chocolate/cocoa involved were the little chocolate chips. The cake itself was very enjoyable, a good portion and the texture much the same as most brownies. Very nice.

Photo of a gold wire frame candle holder in the form of a teapot - interesting
An Interesting Gold Wire Teapot Candle Holder – There are More Things to See Too!


Chonburi Immigration is a well-oiled machine and really very efficient. Even so, the Immigration rules and paperwork required coupled with the large numbers of people who attend to do visas make it a very busy place.

So queues are unavoidable and sometimes you know you will have to wait a while for your turn and then finding a nearby coffee shop is a great way to kill the time.

Nines Coffee shop is only a hundred or so meters away, is cheaper than the closer restaurants and is relaxed and inexpensive.

For the price, Nines Coffee is a great deal and we recommend it.

Our Rating for Nines Coffee & Dessert in Jomtien

Nines Coffee Shop

Ty Rance

Menu Choice
Mobility Access
Food Quality
Value for Money


Nines Coffee Shop serves a need in the area around Chonburi Immigration for a reasonably priced coffee & cake shop with air-conditioned surroundings.

There are street vendors next to the immigration offices selling fruit, fruit drinks and coffee but these are all outside and pretty hot which make them rather uninviting.

Just a short walk away you have a great little coffee shop, nicely decorated and with pleasant staff all cool and with Wi-Fi.

A good deal all round if you ask me!

Price Range – $ – Inexpensive


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Contact Nines Coffee: 091 186 7304

Contact Chonburi Immigration: 038 110 636 or Website:

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