Skoop Beach Cafe Pattaya Review

Skoop Beach Cafe Na Jomtien Pattaya
Skoop Beach Cafe in Na Jomtien Pattaya – A Relaxing Place for Romantics & Kids

Location, Location, Location!

Skoop Beach Cafe is part of the Veranda Resort by Sofitel and is in a really great, semi-private and slightly out of the way location right on the beach south of Pattaya City in Na Jomtien.

If you are visiting the cafe but not staying at the hotel, then you just drive in and head towards the parking area at the back, passing the hotel reception entrance heading out toward the sea.

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The car park is a fair size and free and sits back from the beach itself giving a short walk through a grassed (partly synthetic) area behind the beach. It is not an unattractive approach but seems rather devoid of vegetation.

There is plastic grass right next to the beach which is a good idea but the lack of shrubs around leaves you ending up with the impression that garden upkeep is a cost that has been pared. A little garden attention would add hugely in value and ambience here.

Ice Creams & Beach Play is Exciting at Skoop Beach Cafe

The rather bare garden is a bit of a shame really as it begins to give the feeling of ‘not quite up to par' before you get to the cafe area.

It was a feeling that continued but greatly mitigated by uninterrupted sea views and seating right on the edge of a quiet and, for Pattaya, a relatively clean beach.

If your aim is to get away from it all, take in some sea air and relax for a while then this is definitely a place to consider.

Skoop Beach Cafe Pattaya Review - Pattaya Secrets

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What is Skoop Beach Cafe Like?

The cafe itself is quite a simple affair. (Not sure when affairs ever became simple but anyway……)

There is outside seating, some of it covered from the sun, which is set around a rectangular, wooden clad, preparation area. Behind this is a two-storey concrete structure which gives an air-conditioned area to sit and enjoy your coffee and cakes etc., or you can walk upstairs to another comfy area which leads out to a part covered open-air balcony that looks over the sea and beach. that is where we headed.

These areas on the second floor were a magnet for customers so I expect they get quite busy at times. There's plenty of air blowing in off the sea, bean bag style seats to lay back in and serene views out to sea and Pattaya Bay, so it is a great place to enjoy a few moments of life.

relaxing on a bean bag at Skoop
The Bean Bags at Skoop are Relaxing & Fun

How to Get to Skoop Beach Cafe?

Skoop Beach Cafe is in Na Jomtien and so a little outside the hectic traffic and tour groups of Pattaya proper. This means taking transport to get out to it.

You can use our map below to see the exact location and to get directions as well.

There is big money to be earned from transport and so it is a magnet for powerful families and authority figures in Thailand to make money from.

Whilst it is not such a problem in Pattaya town where the baht buses make their circuits for a reasonable price, getting around outside that small area is often expensive and a bit of a trial.

If using a baht bus off route, or a taxi, then be sure to negotiate a price for exactly what you want before going. You can negotiate a price to the venue and also arrange for a pick up for an agreed fee. Grab their mobile number and give them a call for a pick up when you are ready to head back.

You can also use Grab in Pattaya which is a great way to get around for now – grab the app and try it out. You know the price before you go, the car number and driver details and we've found it great to use when we don't want to use the car.

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What is Skoop Beach Cafe's Menu Like?

Skoop is really just a cafe focussed mainly on coffee, shakes, cakes and other soft drinks although light meals can be had such as hamburgers and chips.

Over two visits we tried out the coffee, chocolate milkshake float, berry frappe, passion fruit frappe, and matcha green tea float as well as an ice cream cone and waffle with ice cream.

The coffee and ice cream was below par as was the chocolate milkshake which tasted powdery. On the other hand, the fruit frappes tasted great and the waffle with ice cream tasted good too. Altogether a bit hit and miss on the food front.

Prices were a little on the high side compared to the run of the mill but about average for a cafe right on the beach.

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