Where to Stay & What to do in Pattaya – Naklua & Wong Amat Area

Following along in our series of articles on what to do and where to stay in Pattaya and the surrounding areas, this article looks at North Pattaya taking in Naklua and Wong Amat areas. You can check the map below to see the area we are focussing on.

The map also includes the main attractions in the North Pattaya Wong Amat area that we think are worth a visit.

North Pattaya – Naklua & Wong Amat Area Map

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Video – What's in Naklua & the Wong Amat Beach Area

Top places in Naklua & Wong Amat Beach Area in Pattaya Thailand 2019

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There is plenty to see in the area covered by the map above but you will almost certainly be traveling outside that area too.

For simplicity though, we will refer to locations within the Wong Amat zone marked out on the map and invite you to explore the other areas in and around Pattaya which are outlined in the other articles in our series on what to do and where to stay in and around the Pattaya Area.

Best Places to Stay in Naklua & Wong Amat Areas of North Pattaya

Best Place to Stay for Honeymoon in Pattaya

If you are on honeymoon or passionately in love and are thinking of spending your vacation in Pattaya then North Pattaya and the Wong Amat area is an excellent option.

Although the Adult Entertainment zones of Walking Street are not so far away, they are unlikely to be the main focus of your stay. A visit to a go-go bar or adult show might be on your itinerary but you'll want quiet time together to be with each other and relax as well.

The Wong Amat area has better beaches than the main drag and is more immersed in local living. You'll get to see the local community at work with their fishing and net mending as well as be able to eat at reasonably priced local restaurants that offer plenty of value for money.

And there will not be hordes of tourists bustling around you since the Wong Amat area is away from the center.

There are some excellent restaurants in the area and great sunsets across the sea to be looking at. The beach also offers some good views of Pattaya City across the bay, especially at night.

Cape Dara Resort

A beachside hotel with a huge choice of rooms and right on the beach, close to the dolphin roundabout.

Perfect for travelers looking for luxury and service with some facilities specifically for those on honeymoon.


Best Places to Stay for Couples in North Pattaya – Luxury

If you are looking for some relaxation, great restaurants and sitting watching the sunsets eating gourmet food and drinking cocktails, then there are some great choices in the Wong Amat area.

It is almost perfect because it can not only provide the exclusivity, amenities, and level of comfort you seek but plenty of things to do in the nearby area if you get bored with too much of a good thing.

The most important thing is not just the comfort of the room you are staying or the pool, breakfast, and other facilities at your hotel but also the choice available for you within a short walk.

That short walk is down the beautiful beach into some other top-quality restaurant for a light lunch or to try out the cuisines that the different excellent chefs can provide.

And if one night you want a dose of hedonism then the center of Pattaya is just a short ride away.

Our favorite, best value luxury hotel in the area is the Navana Nature Escape with breakfast – excellent everything!

Navana Nature Escape

This excellent hotel sits right on the beach and has some of the best facilities in the area.

With rooms choices ranging from excellent value rooms right up to beachfront pool villas with private swimming pool, you'll find a perfect place to stay that you'll remember a lifetime.

The breakfast is very good so well worth taking a room with included breakfast.

Top Value Mid-Price Hotels for Couples in North Pattaya – Wong Amat Area

The Wong Amat Area is also a great choice for more economical couples looking to spend all or part of their holiday in Pattaya or Patts as it is known among the long-stayers here.

If you are looking for a luxury hotel to relax more than party or explore, then the ones listed above will be a perfect fit for you. The premium price will not suit every couple though since the higher room rates that come with loaded facilities and luxury are really only good value for money if you are making use of the place most of the time.

So for some, maybe even most couples, a reasonable mid-priced room with slightly less opulence, provides the best bang for your buck. A decent room and shower, with space to stretch out after exploring, is all that some couples want.

The money saved on accommodation can then be diverted to the cost of exploring or taking advantage of the huge variety of entertainment available.

There are plenty of mid-priced hotels available in the area and the best of these is the LK Emerald Beach – because it is right on the southern section of Wong Amat beach. Whilst that short section of beach is a bit rocky (which itself provides opportunity), you can easily walk around to the central section to sunbathe or take advantage of the excellent restaurants along the beachfront.

LK Emerald Beach

A very pleasant beachside hotel, recently built, with lots of facilities and amazing value for money.

Perfect for couples who want to relax, laze on the beach or in the pool and great for small families too.

It is not difficult to get into town either using the local buses with a little walk.

Top Value Mid-Price Hotels for Couples with Older Children in North Pattaya – Wong Amat Area

If you have older children then the cost of the hotel room becomes more significant since you will likely be booking more rooms. We separate this type of accommodation where the children are older and suited to staying in their own room since younger kids need adjoining rooms or suites which is not available at every resort.

This hotel is not on the beach but has superb facilities and is not expensive.

Sitting on Pattaya Naklua Road, the beach is a few hundred meters down the opposite sois. So for those odd days where you want the beach, it is still very accessible.

For the other days when you want to go sightseeing, the hotel is perfectly situated and easily accessible for travel out in either direction.

Having a car makes sense for at least part of your stay if you intend to go sightseeing as a group. Google Maps is then your friend but do get an international driving license, ensure first-class insurance and drive very carefully as the locals are nuts in a vehicle – especially the motorbikes!

Value for money, the Brighton Grand Hotel stands out from the crowd.

Brighton Grand Hotel Pattaya

Sitting a short distance from the dolphin roundabout and along on Naklua Road which runs out of Pattaya, this hotel is ideally situated for getting about.

Breakfast is expensive so get a room that includes it and look out for discounts.

Everything accessible but not on the beach.

What to Do in the Naklua and Wong Amat Areas

Wong Amat & Naklua Beaches

Many people like to explore the beach and sunbathe or swim, others prefer to swim in the hotel pool which is cleaner and safer.

But Wong Amat has some very nice beaches to visit and maybe spend a little time sunbathing if that is your vibe. Do take special care to protect yourself though as the sun is vicious in Thailand.

The beaches that are readily accessible are marked on the map – the southern and central beaches have public access and the northern part of the beach is most easily is accessed from a local bar called the Bamboo Bar. We chose to mark it since unless you are staying at one of the hotels you will find it difficult to get down to the beach and the northern beaches are nicer.

If you use the access at the Bamboo Bar then you will be expected to order something there or better still rent one of the loungers for the day and just chill out. It's a pleasant view and the beach is nice plus you can walk around to see the Sanctuary of Truth (viewed from a little way away) as well. Not the same as visiting it though!

Wong Amat Naklua Southern Beach

Photo of local collecting shellfish at the south end of Wong Amat Beach
Collecting Shellfish when the Tide is Out – Also a Fun Activity for Kids

The southern section of the beach which lies nearest Pattaya City, is quite rocky for the most part with a small section of sand behind the rocky section.

This makes the beach not so great for swimming but great to explore the rockpools with kids – something to break the boredom!

You will also see locals scouring the beach for shellfish as the tide goes out which in itself is quite interesting to watch.

If you stay at one of the hotels along the southern beach, the LK Emerald Beach or Cape Dara Resort for example, then just a few steps away to the north is a delightful sandy cover with trees that provide shade at the back.

There you can rent a deck chair for a very small charge (discount for two) and sunbathe out of the blistering sun, take a dip in the little cove and generally chill out. Delightful.

At the same spot, there is a local elderly woman who will give you a fantastic massage and a local guy selling snack and cold drinks or a coconut – again the prices were very reasonable, only a tiny bit higher to what you'd pay in the local markets but right there on the beach.

Wong Amat Naklua Central Beaches

photo of central part of Wong Amat Beach which is some of the best sandy beaches in the area
The Wong Amat Beaches in the Central Section are Sandy and Swimming is Good.

The central part of Wong Amat Beach is where the sandiest beaches are. Picture postcard perfect and many people choose to sunbathe here as the swimming is the best (in the roped-off areas for protection from the crazy boat drivers).

There is not much shade here though, no trees for natural shade at least, so you will need plenty of protection to prevent sunburn and skin cancer.

There are several restaurants here that you can use to take advantage of the views and beach whilst grabbing a bit to eat or sipping on a beer or a cocktail and watch the setting sun.

Perhaps the best known of these are the Surf & Turf Beach Club at the end of Naklua Soi 18 and The Glasshouse Silver both of which have an extensive food and drink menu, quality seating and a great ambiance to while away a holiday afternoon.

photo of The Glass House Silver Restaurant in WOng Amat Pattaya
A Wonderful Restaurant Right on the Beach at Wong Amat, Naklua, Pattaya

The best of these is The Glasshouse Silver which is cosy, has outstanding service, wonderful cocktails and an extensive menu.

All the beach restaurants are pricey as you might expect given the huge investment in location and rents for properties on the beachfront.

Wong Amat Naklua Northen Beaches

To the north, the beaches stretch around to the Sanctuary of Truth and beyond that to the fishing port. Before the Sanctuary of Truth, the beaches are sandy and it is here you can drive into the rather messy entrance to Bamboo Beach Restaurant, but don't let the entrance put you off too much.

If you want to rent a chair right on the beach and chill out with a cold drink then this is a quiet and comparatively inexpensive way to pass a few hours and sit right on the beach whilst ordering local dishes and drinks.

Take 20 minutes and walk along the beach to get a glimpse of the Sanctuary of Truth or hang around until dusk when oil candles are lit for a little more ambiance. This is a budget way to mix with the 5-star hotels in the area.

photo of narrow soi whihc leads down to the northen end of Wong Amat Beach in Naklua, North Pattaya
Some of the sois leading down to the beach are only suited to Motorbikes or on Foot

Apart from the Bamboo Beach Restaurant, there are several narrow sois that lead down to the beaches which are accessible by motorbike but too narrow for cars to turn around so you will need to park on the feeder roads.

If you find another public access we'd love to know and would be very happy to see you share that knowledge in the comments section below.

Temples, Shrines and Wats

One of the beauties of Thailand is the beauty that surrounds you both in the form of nature where humans have not trashed the environment through their greed and in the form of beautiful and peaceful Temples and Wats.

Thailand has a pretty poor record of protecting the natural beauty and there it is not in great supply in Pattaya itself but the temples are quite something to visit.

Sanctuary of Truth

Photo of Sanctuary of Truth taken from the Northern Wong Amat Beach
Sanctuary of Truth – You can get a Glimpse from the Northern Wong Amat Beach – Not the Same as Seeing it Up Close Though

There are several Wats in the area that are worth a visit as well as the amazing shrine at the Sanctuary of Truth.

The Wats are devoted to the Buddhist faith but the Sanctuary of Truth is more a shrine to religion of various forms in the region. More of an attraction than a place of worship.

There is an entrance fee that is fair for what's on offer, but discounted tickets are available and you can book packages which include other options such as speedboat sightseeing, horse riding, and transfers. Check out the prices for the Sanctuary of Truth here.

It is architecturally significant in that it is carved painstakingly out of wood but there are other attractions to be enjoyed there such as cultural shows, elephant riding, and horse riding – perhaps the rides are of more of interest to children than adults per se.

The carving is still going on and so the place is still under construction as such but it is still worth a visit. You should expect to spend an hour or so to take it in, more so if you are particularly interested in art or architecture.

Apart from the Sanctuary of Truth, there are lots of local wats worth a visit. For this one allow at least two hours – more if you want to watch the shows or do some of the activities.

Wat Sawang Fah

photo of carvings at Wat Sawang Fah in Naklua Pattaya
Ornate carvings and Statues are What to Expect at the Wats

This smallish Wat lies at the end of Soi Sawang Fa near the Sukhumvit Road junction and up a little way from Naklua local market.

There is a lot crammed into quite a small space here with many statues and ornate detail work. Take an hour out of one of your days to pop in and take a look around.

30 minutes tops.

Wat Poh Samphan

photo of upper fresco of Wat Poh Samphan in Naklua Pattaya
Image of the reclining Buddha at Wat Poh Samphan in Naklua North Pattaya

Wat Poh Sampan is the Buddhist temple on the junction of Soi Naklua 16 and Pattaya Naklua Road in Naklua, North Pattaya.

It is built on a fairly small plot of land which also has accommodation for blind children who are taught by the monks.

It is the function of Thai Buddhist temples to support the local community and in turn, be supported by that local community to assist those in the most need such as disadvantaged children and the destitute.

This is an essential function since central government provides little in the way of support, using the money from taxes collected for other, deemed more important, services.

This Wat has a carving of the Reclining Buddha which symbolizes Buddha close to death at the end of his life and nearest Nirvana. The iconic Reclining Buddha symbolizes peace and tranquility and you can certainly feel that here.

The best time to visit is in the afternoon after 2pm and if you arrive closer to dusk you may see the monks striking the drums and bells to mark the ending of the daylight hours.

Half an hour to an hour should be enough.

Wat Nong Yai

Photo of Wat Nong Yai in North Pattaya
The Beautiful Wat Nong Yai – Popular and Our Favorite Wat with a Mix of Traditional and White Buildings.

Wat Nong Yai is a very popular temple in North Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road and close to the junction with North Pattaya Road.

With a beautiful white temple as well as the more traditional gold ornamental temple buildings, there is a mix of things to see.

Well worth a visit for a walk around and to take some memorable photos.

Half an hour to an hour should be ample.

Naklua – Wong Amat Attractions

Naklua Fish Market

photo of alien looking shellfish at Naklua fish market Pattaya
Every kind of Shellfish at Nakluya Fish Market in Pattaya – Even Alien Fish it Seems!!

Naklua fish market may not sound like an obvious place to visit on your holiday but you'll likely find it fascinating to walk around.

All manner of fresh fish and shellfish caught the previous night, docked at the market and presented for sale, much of it still live, provides an interesting sight that you probably do not see every day.

Whether you buy to take home and cook or grab some barbecued by one of the local vendors, you are sure to be getting the freshest fish you've ever had.

The fish market sits right next to a shady local park on the edge of the sea where you can take a break to eat those fresh prawns or shrimp or barbecued shrimp washed down with fresh coconut juice sucked out of a coconut opened just for you.

An hour would be plenty but top it up with time at the park next door.

Naklua Local Park – Lan Po Park

photo of sign on the gate of Lan Po Park in Naklua Pattaya
Lan Po Park – Great for an escape to sit in the park and take in some sea air.

Lan Po Park is a nicely shaded park right next to the fish market in Naklua.

Sitting next to the sea, there is an exercise area right on the water's edge where you can walk or jog around on a flat surface and take in the view out over the bay to Pattaya.

You can sit on the grass, renting a mat for a small sum from one of the local vendors and of course buy freshly cooked food to eat in there or maybe some fruit.

There are coconuts and other drinks for sale including beer, from the local vendors but be warned that consumption of alcohol is not allowed inside the park and there are quite heavy fines for doing so.

If you have small children with you then this is an excellent stop as they can play on the children's swings and slides while you relax under the trees and shaded from the worst of the sun.

Take the kids around the fish market for an amazing educational experience, feed them with freshly cooked goodness and then use up their energy in the park. Brilliant I say!

Good for at least an hour and snacks available.

Photo of the shaded areas of Lan Po local park near Naklua fish market
Take a breather on a rented mat, eat some freshly cooked food and take in the ozone from the sea. What more could anyone want?

Naklua Fishing Dock and Boatyard

Situated a little further up the coast, here you can see the slightly larger fishing vessels that venture out each evening to catch local shellfish, fish and squid.

When you sit on the beach and watch the sunset and then the dusk turns into early evening, you will see small lights on the horizon. These are the fishing vessels that are starting their day of work.

They use nets and lights to attract the squid and then catch them, bringing them back in the early morning for distribution to the fish market from where market stallholders from the inland local markets come to pick up the shellfish for sale later in the day or the following day.

photo of boats at Naklua Fishing Port near Pattaya
Lots of Boats, Fishermen Tending their Nets & People Combing for Shellfish – but Little Else

There is a jetty and small boat repair facility here as well as a long jetty for mooring.

You can see fishermen, women, and children mending their nets and when the tide is out collectin shellfish from the sea bed, wading in the water fully clothed to do so.

Other than that the boats are also quite picturesque but unless you are into fishing and boats there is not a lot else here to attract you.

Half an hour is probably enough here.

Sukhawadee Residence – Baan Sukhawadee

Photo of Baan Sukhawadee in Naklua Pattaya
Fantastic Grounds and Buildings – Mix of Religious, Royal & Cultural within Spacious Manicured Gardens

Saha chicken farms is the largest chicken farm owner in Thailand and the owner of this opulent attraction north of Pattaya that started construction in 2000.

It is an opulent set of buildings set in beautifully manicured grounds that are right on the sea. It is a sort of quasi palace in a park.

There is plenty to see and do here and some good views from various vantage points in the grounds. Lots of ostentatiously decorated structures and statues always with an eye at promoting Thai culture or the Buddhist religion.

Touted as a gift to the Thai people it is nevertheless a commercial concern and so you will have to pay to get in as do Thai people (not quite as much though).

A dual price structure for Thais and Foreigners as is common to many Thai attractions but you can grab discounted tickets online for Sukhawadee which narrows the gap. And the place is well worth the visit.

But it is better to get there earlier in the morning before the place is overcrowded with coach tours serving largely Chinese tourists or later in the afternoon to see the setting sun.

Dual price attraction – suitable for everyone and discounts for children – good for a couple of hours unless you are taking the buffet as well.

Siam Garden Market

photo of plants in the Siam Garden Market next to Mini Siam in Pattaya
A Huge Selection of Plants and Garden Ornaments as well as some Tropical fish at Siam Garden Market in Pattaya – Nice coconut Juice too

This garden market is located right on Sukhumvit Road and next to Mini Siam.

It is probably not a must-see attraction but worth a wander around if you are going to Wat Nong Yai and Mini Siam at the same time.

It does have its attractions though.

Some nice fresh coconut stalls with coconut ice cream to cool you down, fish and animals (in captivity) to look at, you'll not be taking them home I guess! And lots and lots of flowers.

There are also some interesting garden ornaments to look at – Thai style!

Allow about 30 mins to look around and tie it in with a visit to Mini Siam and / or Wat Nong Yai.

Mini Siam Pattaya

photo of one of the models in Mini Siam in Pattaya
Mini Siam in Pattaya has Models of Most of the Wonders of the World but is Unique with More Asian Structures of Interest.

Mini Siam is located on Sukhumvit Road right next to the Siam Garden Market and next to Boxing World and McDonalds.

It is a model village exhibition of 80 structures of interest around the world with an emphasis on Asian wonders which makes it different to most of the other world model exhibitions you might have seen.

The exhibition is outdoors as you may have anticipated and so it gets pretty hot during the day. We recommend that you visit during the late afternoon to benefit from the fading heat, bring an umbrella and water and mosey around until the lights come on.

You'll need a camera and monopod to get decent pictures at dusk but otherwise snap away as there are plenty of photo opportunities here.

An excellent place to bring the children to educate them on the wonders of the world and keep their interest.

This is a Dual Priced attraction but you can reduce the difference between the higher priced foreigner tickets and Thai national prices by grabbing an online ticket discount here.

Allow at least 2 hours for this attraction.

Parody Art Museum

photo of Parody Art Studio in Pattaya
Parody Art Studio in Pattaya – Full of Imagery and Immersive Experience as Well as Art Course to Learn How to Paint

Parody Art Studio is not far away from the Dolphin Roundabout at the end of 2nd Road in Pattaya.

The beauty of this attraction is that it brings together a superb collection of paintings depicting traditional favorites with a paradoxical twist. Loads of photo opportunities there but that is just the first section of this competitively priced attraction.

Into the second section for more photo opportunities but here we have paintings that are more contemporary, graffiti-style if you will, which lends a completely different set of photo opportunities where YOU are the focus of attention within the art and seemingly engaged in creating it.

As if that were not value for money already, you can move down into the third section which is outside in the extensive grounds where there are life-sized and larger than life-size sculptures arranged in the gardens amongst which you can take pictures.

But the best part of Parody Art Studio is the fact that you can enroll in their painting course which runs for about 2 hours and where you can learn to paint your own picture under their tuition.

Suited for ages from around 10 years old and up you will end up with your own creation even if you are creatively challenged!! If you don't fancy doing it yourself then you can drop off the kids and let the staff at the Studio take care of them while you grab some time for yourselves. And who doesn't need that on holiday sometimes?

Great value genuine attraction in Pattaya run by people who care! Grab a discount ticket online and buy a coffee with what you save!